Flame Retardancy

ABS and its alloy polymers can be made flame retardant by mixing various types of flame retardant agents.
For plastic resins for consumer applications, UL94 Flame Rating set by the Underwriters Laboratories (External Link) is widely accepted as the most reliable standard of flame retardancy.

The UL94 flame classifications are as follows:
(better) 5VA > 5VB > V-0 > V-1 > V-2 > HB > Not Rated (worse)

* For a detailed definition of each classification and testing methods, please refer to the official UL IDES site for UL94 Flame Rating. (External Link)

Techno Polymer has wide range of flame retardant ABS and ABS alloys to meet various requirements for electric/electronic device applications.
We also offer non-halogenated (Bromine-free) flame retardant materials for applications such as home electronics.

Please use our grade search system or contact us for more detailed information.
UL94 Test Image
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