For Housing and Furniture

Please click the colored parts to see typical grades used for these applications.
Housing, Cross Section

Product Lineup

Techno ABS List of ABS for Building materials and Household appliances
Techno ASA High-impact resistance resin with excellent weather resistance
Techno AES List of AES for Construction Applications
(weather-resistant resin with excellent impact-resistance)
Techno ABS 400 Resin with excellent chemical resistance
EXCELLOY EW Resin with hydrophylic qualities and drying of water droplets
  Garden Deck Electric/Electronic Devices Electric/Electronic Devices PVC Modifier PVC Modifier PVC Modifier PVC Modifier Rain Gutter Air Conditioner Duct Cover Furnitures Furnitures Furnitures Kitchen and Bathroom Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Equipment Toiletary Equipment Bathroom Window Profile Bathroom Window Profile
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