Grade Search

You can search basic line of our grades (items), and check various data such as mechanical properties,
molding conditions, etc. with this search system.
If you already know the specific grade names, please directly key them in to the below box and press "Search".
Or else please check off desired properties for your products and press "Search".

Search TIPS:
 * The trademark name is not required for direct search. (Ex. Techno ABS 110 -> 110)
 * You can check off multiple properties at a time. (Ex. ABS & Transparent & Anti-Static)
 * User registration is required to download MSDS. Please register HERE.
 * Note that this system only covers the basic lines, and many special items are not included.
    Please feel free to contact our office in the case you cannot find the grade you look for.

Please type in the grade name or designate desired characteristics for grade search.

Grade Name (Accepts partial match)
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