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Anti-Squeak Material

Eliminates squeak-noise from plastic joints and reduces process cost!

Techno-UMG is introducing a new line of specialty ABS and PC/ABS Alloy, named "HUSHLLOY®: Anti Squeak Material". HUSHLLOY® dramatically reduces squeaky noise from plastic joints, and eliminates the need for application of felt or grease.
It is in wide use by the world's leading automotive manufacturers for automotive interior parts.

Rubbing plastics can cause the "stick-slip" phenomenon, usually resulting in an unpleasant noise described "squeaking" or "creaking".
Hushlloy Intro

HUSHLLOY® contains a special polymer that significantly reduces the stick-slip tendency thus minimizing the risk of squeaky noises. Unlike other additive-type materials, the polymer does not bleed out over time meaning that the effectiveness is long-lasting.
HUSHLLOY® demonstrates excellent anti-squeak performance in combination with a variety of types of materials such as PC, ABS, PMMA, and HUSHLLOY® itself.
We offer a wide-range of grades to meet the market's various automotive interior applications.

HUSHLLOY® Series Product line:
Standard type ABS Series HUSHLLOY®
High Heat Resistant type Heat Resistant ABS Series HUSHLLOY®
Weather Resistant type AES Series HUSHLLOY®
Low Gloss type Low Gloss Series HUSHLLOY®
PC/ABS Alloy (High Impact Strength) type PC/ABS Alloy Series HUSHLLOY®
PC/AES Alloy type PC/AES Alloy Series HUSHLLOY®
PA/ABS Alloy type PA/ABS Alloy Series HUSHLLOY®
PBT/ABS Alloy type PBT/ABS Alloy Series HUSHLLOY®
Glass Fiber Reinforced type Glass Fiber Reinforced Series HUSHLLOY®
Flame Retardant type Flame Retardant Series HUSHLLOY®
Extrusion Use type Extrusion Use Series HUSHLLOY®

Parts in Production and potential applications
 for Automotive: Instrument Panel, Air Vents, Cup Holders, various switches, etc.
 for Electronics: Digital still/video cameras, Phone handsets, etc.
There are still many more potential applications in which squeaking plastic can be a big problem.




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